Company sale

SAXO supports entrepreneurs, shareholders and investors in the sale of companies, company participations and company divisions.

Regardless of whether you are primarily pursuing financial or strategic goals when selling your company, careful preparation as well as professional and discreet handling are essential prerequisites for the success of a transaction.

SAXO advises and supports the management and shareholders in a way that ensures that the shareholders and management can continue to concentrate on the „day-to-day business“ despite the complexity of the transaction and the time involved.

The process of selling the company is carried out with clearly defined steps and milestones. In this way, the seller has an overview of the status of the project and the necessary further steps at all times.


Phase 1

  • Stocktaking/preparation
  • Analysis and evaluation of the initial situation; development of the sales strategy
  • Definition and implementation of necessary adjustment measures
  • Preparation of company documentation (information memorandum, short profile/teaser)
  • Compilation of documents for preparation of data room/(limited) vendor due diligence

Phase 2

  • Investor selection and approach
  • Research of suitable buyer candidates, preliminary soundings
  • Preparation of long list, selection of short list of candidates to be approached
  • Approach potential candidates

Phase 3

  • Investor meetings and further exchange of information
  • Exchange of NDA
  • Start of discussions / management presentations
  • Solicitation of expressions of interest / negotiation of letter of intent

Phase 4

  • Due diligence, contract negotiations and closing
  • Support in the preparation and execution of due diligence
  • Support during contract negotiations up to the conclusion of the contract